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house_roof.gifPLAN READING AND INTERPRETATION house_roof.gif

Plan Reading and Interpretation – BCGC2001B

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Owner Building Solutions Australia offer three additional or extension courses for those Owner Builders who wish to gain a greater knowledge and organisational skills relevant to managing and coordinating a small domestic construction project.




The units of competency are taken directly from the General Construction Training Package BCG03 and are tailored to meet the requirements of the Owner Builder.

This unit specifies the competency required to read and interpret plans and specifications relevant to General Construction operations.

The unit includes the identification of types of plans and drawings and their functions, the recognition of commonly used symbols and abbreviations, the identification of key features and specifications on a site plan, the comprehension of written job specifications and the recognition of document status and amendment detail.

A Statement of Attainment will be issued upon successful completion of this unit and can be credited towards Certificate II in General Construction.

Remember, greater knowledge means a more efficient project and greater potential to save your hard earned cash.

Identify types of drawings and their functions

  • Main types of plans and drawings used in the civil construction sector of the industry are identified

  • Key functions of each type of drawing are identified

  • Quality requirements of company operations are recognised and adhered to

  • Environmental controls are identified from the job plans, specifications and environmental plan

Recognise amendments

  • Title panel is checked to verify latest amendments to drawing

  • Amendments to specifications are checked to ensure currency of information

Recognise commonly used symbols and abbreviations

  • General Construction symbols and abbreviations are recognized

  • Legend is located on project drawings, symbols and abbreviations are correctly interpreted

Locate and identify key features on a site plan

  • Orientation of the plan with the site is achieved

  • Key features of the site are identified and located

  • Access to site is gained and services, main features, contours and datum are identified

Identify project requirements

  • Dimensions for project and nominated locations are identified

  • Construction types and dimensions for nominated locations are identified

  • Environmental controls and locations are identified

  • Location, dimensions and tolerances for ancillary works are identified

Read and interpret job specifications

  • Job specifications are identified from drawings, notes and descriptions

  • Standards of work, finishes and tolerances are identified from the project specifications

  • Material attributes are identified from specifications

  • This course is an ideal introduction to plan reading for Owner Builders.